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Stephanie Wain is a writer/director/actress from the East Coast. She is currently enrolled in the Professional Television and Screenwriting Workshop taught by Corey Mandell and has taken classes at The Groundlings. Her latest feature script, Lizzietish, was a quarterfinalist in the 2015 Scriptapalooza, and she is the co-chapter leader of the LA First Feature Film Fatales. While studying Film/Video and Women's Studies at Penn State University, she made a student feature length film, Stones We Throw, which was featured in the running on IndieWire for 2014 Project of the Year. She was a finalist/winner of the TBS National College Comedy Competition, performing live musical comedy. She also worked freelance for Chain Camera Pictures on their latest project, The Hunting Ground, as a student shooter. She has interned at BuzzFeed Motion Pictures and created viral comedy content dealing with divorced parents and feminism. Her work focuses on female centric stories that relate to the LGBTQA community and are equal parts funny and dramatic.

Contact: stephanie.j.wain@gmail.com.

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